Double, Double Toil and Trouble

Double sessions are tiring. Now you would think and i feel most people do believe that being as there are two fun, sexy, hot chicks sharing the “work” that duos would be less tiring then doing them alone, one on one. I am not buying into that urban myth as i sit here, muscles still sore for the last evenings activities. With a double session there are three bodies trying fit into the sexcapade puzzle and let me tell you its often very much like making puzzle pieces fit and that can be havoc on the bod. I mean have you ever tried to get your face upside down and your mouth on a mans balls while on your knees as your girlfriend/partner is blowing him and not get yourself smacked in the face by her bobbing head all while balancing in some half awkward squat, with a smile on your face like its really the bomb diggity? Then doing it again 90 minutes later with an even shorter guy and an even more strained position?

let me tell ya the dont call it sex “work” for nuttin.

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6 thoughts on “Double, Double Toil and Trouble

  • Sabina

    Do you coordinate anything with the other girl in advance? And is it especially high-pressure given that the man is sure to assume any FMF threesome will be the best sex he’s ever had? I’m intrigued.

  • The Sexologist

    I never would have thought it was so much work. the things i learn from blogs…

    thanks for sharing.

  • Jenny DeMilo

    Sabina: there is a little coordination but after you’ve done a few duos with the same girlie then you just know whats what. It’s important to find a partner you click with and not just in a sexual way you have to both have the same attitude about doubles and work. Not an easy thing to do. i know many a friendship that were strained or ruined because they started doing doubles

    Elle: Always!! how else can i buy all the goodies i see on your blog!

    Sexy-ologist: oh yeah its totally work, don’t mean you cant like your job but work it is.

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