Walk in with a smile, walk out with a job

I had a meeting today to show my book to the CEO of a major modeling agency headquartered here in L.A. and hot damn if i didn’t i book my first shoot with them on the spot! I have a solid body of work now and i found that selling your abilities in a face to face meeting with a power broker is a skill you never lose. I used to walk into the wolves to pitch and sell a concept daily when i was an AD and today i pitched and sold just like old times. A solid book and a little charm and fearless confidence still goes a long way in this town.

I’ll be doing tests for their new faces division. It looks like an interesting team I’ll be working with and I’m excited about it. I clicked real well with my contact and we seem to be on the same page creatively and that’s always a huge plus. This is a great step forward for me in advancing my photo career. Now don’t get me wrong i love shooting naked girls, but i also like to be challenged and try new things and it will be great fun to do some fitness and fashion models as well as some stuff with a much more commercial appeal.

I walked in with a smile and i walked out with a job.

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