He was visibly nervous and shaking like a leaf. I found it kinda amusing… at first. I tried to calm hi down a bit by speaking slowly, touching his arm when i spoke and remaing cool, calm and collected myself. as we got the small talk portion of the evening out of the way, I looked around the room spotted my envelope (i always like to know where it is) and noticed that there were no pictures on the walls and that all his belongings (books and video tapes) were ushered into piles in the 4 corners of the room. I asked him if he had lived there long as the place didn’t look very lived in. he’d been there over 2 years.

I took him by the hand and asked him to take me to bed. His hands were sweaty and the shaking was still there. Again i did my best to calm him down but at this point i knew it was futile. he was oddly aggressive but scared to death. I tried to take the lead to set the pace but i finally gave up and let myself be the zombie rag doll he was looking for. He was obviously not well practised in the art of the female body but wanted to make sure he got all the high points in. i obliged as best i could.

when it came time to wrap it up and go for the gold he amateurishly pulled me to the edge of the bed so he could penetrate me while standing up.. umm okay I’ve always been a fan of that and when he slid inside me i decided to be quite vocal, and put on the big show, i know that’s what he wanted and honestly try as i could i just couldn’t get into the sex this time. it took him about 3 strokes to cum. he later told me it was because i was so vocal. Note to self nervous guys cum fast when you moan like a porn star. I can only imagine how fast it would have been if i had started to get into some dirty talk. Maybe my filthy mouth could i have gotten him to cum before he actually attempted to fuck me ….

i grabbed my envelope and headed for the door with a kiss on the cheek for him and 400 dollars for me.. he will call again. the nervous ones always do.

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