like a big pizza pie

Super extra busy over the last week or so and I’ve been blog neglectful. bad Jenny.. bad, bad Jenny. I swear i will write some dirty or naughty or at least more interesting stuff soon, besides “ohhh I’m sooooo busy, blah blah blah” but its true i am and im just not used to having to have to schedule my life like this.

I’m shooting all day tomorrow for the agency. They swore to me it’s going to be an easy day, ha! I already have them figured out…. that’s how they suck you in. Oh well call me little miss sucked in…

And now a personal observation… The full moon makes people crazy.

2 thoughts on “like a big pizza pie

  • Anonymous

    SexXy Lady …. I am all about the Full Moon . And I love reading your blogs … naughty or not …they are always the bomb !!!

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