Oh Hell No!

If you live in a 5 million dollar house in the hills high above LA. If you spend half of the time you book with me bragging about your wealth and all that you have. If you expect me to be impressed with your material achievements and to visibly show you how impressed i am with many ohhs and ahhhs and oh wows and then expertly drop to my knees and suck your cock like a champ because you’re such the big man on campus…


I’d be much more impressed with a couple extra bucks quietly slipped in my pocket then the boat you want to blah blah blah and endless drone on about ….. while i giggle and flip my hair like the Barbie doll you mistakenly thought i was.

Im sorry but pretending like i’m impressed with your stupid stuff …. is EXTRA.

4 thoughts on “Oh Hell No!

  • Jenny DeMilo

    ES: Im gonna check it out. Im not usually big on tips but seriously if youre gonna be a huge blow hard and i have to listen to that bullshit and act interested then tipping is a necessity.

  • Anonymous

    Common knowledge is the rich ones are the worst tippers: doctors, lawyers, execs – they don’t tip for beans. But waiters, waitresses, and other people who work for a living tip often and tip well (at least as well as they can afford).

    When somebody starts bragging about their wealth, that’s when we regular people need to be on our guard as we’re about to get screwed out of something.

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