If i was a firefly i’d light up my ass at night!

Green Porno: Is a series of short films inspired by the bizarre and often weird way insects and other creatures …. do it. It was conceived by Isabella Rossellini who’s long been a favorite of mine, not only because of her infamous performance “Blue Velvet”but because shes always been a creative force. Green Porno is her directorial debut and what a way to enter the directors ring… gloves on tight, trim and lean and ready to knock your opponents block off.

Green Porno is overtly sexual, humorous, titillating and just plain beautiful to watch. It’s a sneak peak into the underground sex world of creepy crawlies.

It premiered at the Sundance film festival and the Berlin and Tribeca film festivals and now you can even get it on your mobile phone (if you have Helio). In fact it was designed with the tiny screen in mind and many of its creative choices were made for that purpose.

Green Porno! watch them all

The promo..

2 thoughts on “If i was a firefly i’d light up my ass at night!

  • Make a pound

    hey jenny thanks for the comment and i have fixed the link hope you can pop by soon 😀

    and that seems like a very strage film bugs getting it on oh well not for me to judge.

    hope you have a nice night.

  • SinSecret

    That is absolutely, unbelievably interesting. And fantastic. Absolutely fantastic. I bet it’s hilarious. I so wish I had cable.

    Just passing through, great blog! I’ll stop by again!

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