Dulce de … huh?

I’ve been working on putting together a second blog. True i do contribute to a couple of blogs started by my blogger pal Ethical Slut

check them out here…
Non Slutty
Unfortunate Cocks

But this second blog ive been working on is more of a glimpse into my life as a photographer. I’ve been shooting naked, dirty, naughty girls for a few years now and my studio is called “dulce deojo” which is eye candy in Spanish. When i started it I thought i could keep my photo work and my escort work separate but really they are such an influence on each other that I’ve come to the conclusion i cant keep them in their own private little boxes.

Escorts are masters at compartmentalizing. Our feelings, our sexual identity, we often have separate sets of friends who only know one side of our double life.. if you don’t have this skill you wont last long in the biz. With all that being said i have found that I’ve been slowly crossing the streams. I told my best friend i was an escort last summer, I’ve been freer sharing my “real” life with my escort friends and of course the man in my life knows all about all the facets of Jenny De Dulce. This has been a very slow and gradual move for me. This new blog project is just a little bit of that, a small baby step in merging a couple of aspect of my life.

I can be so hard sometimes to keep it all straight. If you like photography you might like my new blog, i promise to be just as saucy over there as i am over here.. but with just a few more pictures.

Check out my new blog here

P.S (the eye candy image at the top of this page wasn’t shot by me, but the make up was done by Jenda, my MUA and stylist)

3 thoughts on “Dulce de … huh?

  • pampi

    Hi Everyone,

    This Blog is really nice and helpful. We hope our post will be useful for all visitors of this prestigious blog.


  • Ethical Slut

    I’ll add this to the list of things that I will probably be fired for looking at at work….:)

  • Jenny DeMilo

    @pampi: Hi and thanks i hope you come back and visit often 🙂

    @ES: yay! don’t get fired cuz of me, id feel responsible and then id have try to get you a new job and the only thing i know i could do is teach you how to be an escort! and then your man wouldn’t like me. 😉

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