Carne Asada is not a crime!

I was raised in east LA and even now live in a predominately “brown” neighborhood. Though i am Italian by heritage, i am Latina in my soul. One of the things i love is a late night run to a local taco truck. Often when I’m returning from an outcall after hours and hungry, i will stop at a local truck for a tasty meal for just a few bucks.

It seems now the local taco trucks in east LA are under attack. On the 15th of May a new ordinance will essentially make harder if not impossible to do business for these truck owners but that’s not all. It will also Criminalize selling a taco! I’m an entrepreneur and i definitely support the little guy making a buck in an unconventional manner. I’m also a taco eater and i support an LA residents right to eat taco from a taco truck! The food is tastier, cheaper and often available when nothing else is.

This ordinance has come about because “brick and mortar” restaurants are complaining about unfair competition. It’s been called a turf war, the Jets and the Sharks only with carne asada and tortillas. The big loser in all this is the consumer i.e. You and ME! again because of unneeded and biased county regulation we are having our choices taken away from us. I don’t want to be forced to go to a sit down restaurant and pay a higher price for a less authentic product, especially in this shaky economy. We are all tightening the belt and the taco truck is a useful option in that endeavour.

Tonight 8pm to 12am is…
Taco Libre! Show your support (Tacos El Galuzo, at 5555 Whittier Blvd in East Los Angeles) Enjoy your last LEGAL taco in East LA. Don’t forget to use your voice and sign the petition Save Our Taco Trucks

First they outlaw the Bacon Dog now they want to take away our taco trucks.

Carne Asada is not a crime!

4 thoughts on “Carne Asada is not a crime!

  • Anonymous

    Just thinking about losing the taco trucks suck!
    Every one should be able to make a living.
    Every one should sign a petition!
    Y would they target taco trucks?
    I salute you girl.
    So what can we do?
    And do you think it will word?
    Carne asada is not a crime!
    U nailed it with that one!
    Now I’m hungry for a taco….lol
    Thank you girl for letting us know.

  • Therapeutic Ramblings

    1. That is bullshit…many of those stands are better than the B&M places.

    2. Now I want tacos. 🙁

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