Stranger things have happened

The boyfriend and i are talking about moving in together, this is a big step. I’m a very independent girl and hes a very independent man. It will probably happen we just need to find our middle ground, oh and have duel as to which part of town we will live in.

20 passes, turn and shoot… the winner gets to choose!

4 thoughts on “Stranger things have happened

  • Slutty McWhore

    God, I didn’t know that you had a boyfriend. It’s so hard to find a partner in this industry. Even Darth, who availed himself of my services not so long ago, said that I should give up the massage if things work out between us. What the fuck?!

  • Jenny DeMilo

    Oh yeah i have a man in my life that knows all about what i do. He’s totally cool with it, supportive to me, gets the difference between my love for him and my job and hes an all around good guy. He’s a keeper for sure. I’m also smart enough to know that i lucked the hell out when he set his sights on me.

    You always hear people say (and by people i mean men)… you can date an escort but if you get serious they have to “give up the escorting”. Those guys want to change you, those guys are looking to possess you not be a partner and build a live with you. Those guys are worthless, they like the thrill of dating a sex worker because its a novelty. Those guys are dating a job and not a person.

    I can honestly say i have more issues with my job and being in a relationship then my boyfriend does. So those guys are out there but they are few and far between for sure.

    Oh and i thought Darth was a tool, BTW soooooooooo not good enough for you.

  • Slutty McWhore

    Yeah, you totally lucked out with your guy! I can’t believe that he accepts what you do. Even if a guy was sexually open-minded, I imagine a lot of men would be worried about the disease aspect (even though escorts probably take better care of their sexual health than the average woman).

    Have you read my latest post about Darth, by the way? Come on over to my blog. I need your advice.

    Was your boyfriend a former client, too?

  • Sheri

    Hey Jenny! I can be Gearhead here if I want, damnitt!
    Im a blog novice, but once I build 3 websites today I plan to start a Blog,so might as well jump in.

    I knew you were attached and youre lucky to have that honesty. My ex and I are getting very close again since ive been in my cast, he’s here alot and I am trying SO hard to come out with what I do now. But the farthest I can get is admitting to doing non-sexual Dominatrix work (I really did do that briefly, hard as it may be to believe)
    So IF, big IF we do get back together, I am wondering if I can live with that secret as long as I stay in this or if he could ever accept the 100& truth (I’m thinking probably NO on that one)
    Hobbyists everyday figure what there wives don’t know won’t hurt THEM…Maybe I can on that thin ethical ice too. Aren’t I a tiny bit of a hypocrite if I can’t?

    Sorry, this should be on my own blog probably but it would be kind of a downer way to start out

    What do you think? Would I be that bad?

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