No Pain, No Gain

Paying for advertising is a pain in the ass. Wouldn’t we all like our business to boom with little or no investment in them. Yeah that would be awesome however that’s also living in a fucking dream bubble. If you think you can grow a business (any business) and not invest in it yeah I’m talking monetarily, then you are just being naive at best.

A professional escort needs professional photos, a laptop, nice lingerie, a website, and some PAID advertising on a well known tried and true legitimate escort mall website. Sure you can scrimp and cut corners (hell i do however i can) but you really need to think about how you want people to perceive you. Do you want to b a courtesan, or a cyber street ho. I know which end of the scale i hope to be seen as.

Escort advertising is god damned expensive, the reputable websites nickel and dime you to death. Extra fees from everything to additional pictures to text changes. It sucks and its costly however, i make 400 bucks an hour and im bitching and moaning because i have to pony on up to the table with 3…4…5 hundred bucks? with a simple 300 clam investment i plan on reaping at least a few grand… so really what is there to complain about. You really do have to invest money to make money and the escort biz is no different, its just a little more naked.

kinda puts in in perspective huh?

2 thoughts on “No Pain, No Gain

  • Slutty McWhore

    Yeah, you’re right but I refuse to advertise anywhere except on the review boards and sometimes Craigslist (which is nowhere near as bad as the review boards make it out to be. I get good clients from there actually). I also have no pictures of myself either.

    This makes it very hard for me to find clients (every day is a constant hustle) but I just didn’t want to put pictures of myself out there. I have a problem with the idea of images of myself being accessible to the whole world.

  • niadarkandlovely


    I have cut my advertising drastically, since I started. I noticed the more advertising I paid for, the volume of enquiries did my head in.

    It did not always lead to more work. Now, I find that people can find me easily via my blog, and search engines.

    I am happy with the level of work I am doing.

    I find the reduction in advertising, cut the number of assholes who were contacting me.

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