Vegas in 24 hours or less

I’m heading off to Vegas again for 24 hours, maybe less. I hit the road tomorrow with little blondie in tow ( my make up girl for shoots, shes got family there) and come back a day later. I get to see a great guy, who’s company i do really enjoy and i am in fact making this trip to sin city just for him.

Maybe i will try to see a glitzy Vegas show while i am there. with all my traveling back and forth i’ve never been to one. i’d like to see something straight out of the movie Showgirls, something tacky with many sparkles and tons of Vegas glam. if not then i will try again in March. At the very least i will hit a couple slots (video poker is now on my list) have a good meal, enjoy some good company and get naked and roll around ….

I love vegas!

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