Strange hobby observations #1

all kinds of people are attracted to the hobby. But the strangest phenomenon to me is people who DONT hobby but participate on message boards and are often angry little men who fling around the word cunt, bitch whore. Now while some of these guys are usually kids in there moms basement many and one type ive encountered on a local board is the kind with issues with women. I don’t just mean trouble dealing with women i mean deep rooted issues with women. things that can relate back to their relationship with mommie.

let me tell you about NonHobbyist A, Lets call him Erik45. Erik45’s mother died a few years back and left him what he says is a good inheritance. He never really loved his mother she was a dominating bitch. She never let him be a man, always made his decisions for him. As a result hes an emotional child. Very shortly after his mothers passing Erik45 find a hobbyist message board and begins to brag to all the “whores” how much money he has and how now that his mother is dead he can spend all his money sleeping with hookers. Only the providers remind him of his dead mother so much (they dont love him either they just want his money) that he doesn’t actually make appointments to see the girls in real life. He does spend his days harassing them on a message board. Day in and day out he sits int he dark of the home he used to share with his mother but he is now alone and posts vile things telling these whores whats wrong with them.

You see it on every message board to varying degrees. I really feel sorry for these guys because i think deep down they are just looking to be loved but are incapable of giving love and therefore not capable of receiving it. Looking for “love” by women who sell sex for a living just isnt going to happen. So instead they last out of all of women kind and as women in the sex business know Prostitutes are always an easy target.

people target them… and this latest incarnation is just one of my strange hobby observations. Of course Erik45 isnt real he’s a mish mass of different board personalities but the gist is all the same. they are scary men who dont like women and you always have to look out for them, you never know when one will pop up and you are their latest target.

this can be a dangerous business you always have to be aware of your surroundings even when those surroundings are on the Internet.

2 thoughts on “Strange hobby observations #1

  • Michelle


    I have to say that this blog is not a compilation of many different hobbyist personalities, but rather it blatantly describes one guy in particular from Troothsayerz…


  • Jenny DeMilo

    Michelle: thanks for the Comment.

    I can assure you this blog entry is a compilation of several message board personalities I’ve observed and encountered on several different message boards. I’m a participant and avid reader on many boards nationwide.

    As much as “troothsayerz” would like to think everything i write about is about them, it’s not. The world, hobby and otherwise is so much bigger then any one local message board.

    Many trends, phenonemons and concepts do have a common theme. When i notice them, i plan on pointing those observations out.

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