Hate, its the new black.

Abusive on a message board does that equal abusive in person? I think it does. I’m not talking about a one time outburst, I’m talking about a pattern of abusive behavior. When someones underlying theme is hurtful on purpose to others. I wonder if these men even realise that they are getting screened out by girls for their online “persona”, if the reason they are getting so many “sorry I’m unavailable” is because it all relates back to they are a total and complete misogynistic hate filled dick when they post on a message board.

Many escorts watch the boards and look for a pattern. Is he nice to others, does he have an underlying anger problem. Is he always calling girls who are not his taste names. Is he a boundary crosser and often advocate an angry approach, does he throw a temper tantrum if someone disagrees with him. Someone like that will get abusive in person, they will try to cross your boundaries, they will throw a temper tantrum in person and you better hope that if they do you are savvy enough to placate them and guide the situation so you don’t get hurt.

This can be a very dangerous business and there are very angry men who have very serious issues with women in general who gravitate to it. They cant relate to women in an intimate fashion int he real world and they want to be in control so they BUY it and then they feel since they’ve bought it, they can treat it anyways they want. Yup i said “IT” that’s because that’s how they act. Not as if the escort is a living breathing person with family and friends and people who love her. But as a thing they can treat anyways they want. I see that behavior all over message boards. I see people saying very reveling things about how they feel about women. If you watch for the pattern it will always emerge.

You have to be alert and aware at all times. The risk is never worth it. If i see someone who is mean and hurtful to others on a message board, i will always be “unavailable” to them, even if they are sacranie sweet to me. How they treat everyone matters not just how they treat me. The risk that they could snap and treat me how I’ve seen them threat others is always there and its never worth the risk for a few bucks…. never.

Luckily there are also great guys who really do love women on these boards and are not seeing escorts as a way to resolve their personal demons with women. Those guys I’m always happy to see and usually have a great time with. I wish i saw more of that positive presence on the boards and less of the angry, i hate the world and especially women guy, who cant help but reveal himself and spew his hatred out of his angry little fingers.

Hate its the new black.

3 thoughts on “Hate, its the new black.

  • The Ethical Slut

    I just did a post about behavior in potential employers and red flag behavior…it all leads to a simple lesson that in every aspect of your life you need to watch out for yourself and red flags in any situation. You don’t want an angry man as a boss, a client, a date, anything.

  • Slutty McWhore

    Yes, I think it does send off huge warning signals if somebody’s online persona comes off as angry and vitriolic. Unfortunately, all the red flags on the review board I use are hidden behind the scenes in the areas to which only the johns are allowed access. That was why I was so shocked when I finally read what had been written about me there!

    On the other hand, though, I know for a fact that some clients don’t want to see me because of some of the opinions I’ve expressed on the board. I’ve been known to tear certain people to shreds but I only do that to piss guys off who have made sexist, xenophobic remarks. I purposfully come off as a bit of a “ball-breaker” because I know that guys like that can’t stand being humiliated publicly. I’m not like that in “real life”, though, and the clients who see me know that, and like my strong personality.

  • Jenny DeMilo

    TES: is it me or does there seem to be an abundance of angry men these days?

    Slutty: I get labeled a bitch for taking people to task too, but i think the difference is thats not ALL i do on the boards. I would venture thats not all you do either. I support other women, give helpful advice, direct hobbyists to girls they might be looking for, tell jokes, etc. Only when someone’s a complete tool or i think its heading in a dangerous direction (ie bad advice) do i go at it with someone. Most of the time its just pointing out the obvious. i just dont mince words. If i were a man saying those things they’d give me a medal. But again it goes back to some people like their whores stupid. show you have a brain and you threaten their manhood somehow or worse :::gasp:: ruin their fantasy.

    the pattern of very angry behavior is escalating on my local board, just the other day a girl posted she was robbed at her incall at gun point.

    the morons cant see the coloration between a rise in angry mean posters who show no respect and advocate “teaching the bitchez a lesson” and the women on the board being threated with no respect or worse being hurt, robbed or raped.

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