Stop your bitching!

Stop your god damned bitching about giving out references to other escorts. I see that happening a lot lately and I’m sad to say its always a provider who’s been in the the biz for few short months, who think shes knows it all, seen it all, and is the only one being asked to hand out references for Clients. We all can get a little miffed if a client is constantly using only us as a reference, i can understand that. I have a client who i saw one time who uses me as a reference on a weekly basis. If I’m having a bad day, then yeah i can get a touch annoyed. I know he’s seeing other girls because i have referenced him for them but he only uses me when seeking appointments with new ladies.

Then i thought about that for a second. I am a well know escort, i have a solid reputation and i can be verified though many boards as a legit escort. OF COURSE he’s going to use my reference, my references makes other girls feel comfortable because it carries a little weight with it.

Its really an honor, not the annoyance i once saw it as.

In this business screening is EVERYTHING. I need to know I’m seeing a safe and sane gent who’s not going to slap on me a pair of steel bracelets when i walk though the door. It’s not only a professional courtesy to give a reference to another lady to let her know a gent is safe to see, its good business. I also need to ask for references. You give what you get in the life… and especially in this business. So stop your complaining like you’re the only bitch in town who spends a few minutes a day doing her part to make another sex worker feel safe. Because you’re not, your just the latest to whine about it.

4 thoughts on “Stop your bitching!

  • msSmunro

    References isnt something we do over here, they’ve never become part of the business. Presumably because sex work is legal? but who knows.

  • Valley Girl

    I’m confused. You mean your clients come to you to get recommendations on other girls? So they’re kind of using you like a madam? Sorry…I’m kind of ignorant about the whole thing.

  • Jenny DeMilo

    Munro: yeah prolly because of the legalities. thats a huge thing we screen for here is Law Enforcement.

    Val: a references is when a gent wants to see me, he give me the name and contact info of a legit escort hes seen recently. I then contact her and make she he was safe to see and respectful in his time with her. Its one way we stay safe and watch each other backs.

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