Selling your sisters out = BAD

It’s not okay to book a fake otcall with a sex worker to fuck with her night/income/livelihood

But i know someone who did. Some schmuck on some dinky message board. Not only did he do just that, but he gloated about it and sought approval. She last minute canceled on him so the dick-weed had a friend call her book something and then sent her on a wild goose chase on a fake call. When i first started before i really knew what i was doing i got sent on a few. I think many outcall girls have. Then we learn how to avoid those situations by screening and research.

so what happens after asshat posts on the message board about his really reprehensible behavior? A bunch of chicks give him their approval. wtf? Okay i know that game. its the “oh im not like that”, “i agree with you so book me next time” bullshit game. Really ladies, you think the rest of the girls aren’t watching you suck up to try to gain a pathetic excuse for a man as a client at the expense of your integrity. Trust me we are watching you sell your sisters out. You motives and actions are transparent. Times are not that tough that you need to act in such a fashion, there is always another client around the corner and there is enough room for everyone to eat. That kind of behaivor never ceases to amaze me, how low someone will sink for a lousy 200-250 dollar client. yeah you sold your follow escort out for a cheap bastard who treats women like shit. nice!

what happened to solidarity among escorts. What happened to watching each others backs… yea i guess its easier to just stab someone in it.

6 thoughts on “Selling your sisters out = BAD

  • Slutty McWhore

    I’m not sure that there is much solidarity between sex workers – or, at least, I’ve never seen much evidence of it. The way other women on the review boards conduct themselves totally disgusts me because when they are not actually literally sucking some guy’s dick then they are sucking it metaphorically on the review board. It’s frustrating because if escorts, or sex workers of all kinds, could just band together we would have so much power. After all, the men want something from us, so we have the power to make them beg, and charge higher prices. But, no, instead we sell each other out just so we can make a quick $200.

    I did come into contact with another erotic massesue recently, and I wouldn’t mind meeting up, and hanging out, but ultimately this town is just far too fucking small for me to want to get to know the other women intimately. I don’t trust them because they never stick up for me on the boards.

  • msnaughtyb

    Sadly, this isn’t new. On that particular board, some of the girls are just as bad if not worse than the guys.

    What’s worse is that the guys love it when the ladies do this because they are waiting to capitalize on it.

    Unfortunately, some people don’t get that manipulation on several levels is what much of this hobby is about. It’s really too bad that it can’t be about what it’s supposed to be…

    The lack of vision from both parties and the spirit of fun is the saddest thing of all. This is supposed to be a “feel good” hobby! I wonder how many remember that.

    Great Blog site Jenny!

  • Daltrey

    Just a couple of days later comes the news that an escort was drugged, molested and robbed by a client. The same rabble who condone the fake outcall set up to “teach the bitch a lesson” dont see that it is the foreseeable escalation of such a mentality.
    God forbid someone calls a girl’ ‘skinny’, though. That’s an unforgiveable transgression.

  • Jenny DeMilo

    Slutty: I hear ya and i agree. i see a lot more in fighting and backstabbing among the ladies then ever before. I have a few very good friends who are escorts, but you have to chose your friends wisely in this business. Ive been wrong on two very specific occasions and trusted a couple of chicks i shouldnt have. ones been arrested for murder (sadly she looks guilty as sin) and the other spends her time bad mouthing me. ugh!

    but if youre smart about your choices and spend some time getting to know someone before letting them all the way in your life, the support and friendship of another sex worker can be invaluable.

    NaughtyMsB: yeah damn straight girl. That board is the wild wild west and not i the romantic way its painted in movies either, the real way. No rules and the systematic pursuit of the destruction of on another. gross.

    Daltrey: I noticed that to. People were up in arms because a girl was called too skinny but the girl who was drugged robbed and raped was virtually ignored. WTF? i swear people suck.

    Val: I dont know if he deserves it but i wouldn’t be surprised if it happened. All he needs to do is pull a stunt like this on a girl with a bug mean pimp and hes toast. baseball bat justice.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, Ive never heard of people doing that. Im an Australian escort working in Brisbane, Sydney and the Gold Coast. That guy sounds like such a loser. I wouldnt give him anything. I have a "Avoid at all Costs" list in my phone. I refer to it as my "Blacklist". Once a guy is on that, I email it to all the girls I know who advertise on the sites I advertise.

    Interesting and true point about the girls having all the power. It is about supply and demand. There will always be more demand because these guys are usually losers who cant hook up the normal way and are super honry. They will pay if you make them – I do. Hahaha. $200 is nothing. F#ck that. I would imagine there would be a heap of guys who could afford that, therefore, girls shouldnt need to scramble for his business.

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