Free Fouad!

On December 11, one of the Arab world’s top bloggers was arrested by the Saudi Interior Ministry. Fouad Al-Farhan, age 32, is the godfather of Saudi blogging. He was among the first Saudis to blog under his real name and has been an outspoken voice for nonviolent reform.

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thanks Sexy Munro for bringing this to my attention. This isnt an Arab issue or a Saudi issue, its about being able to speak your mind and share your thoughts, without the threat of being beheaded by a dull blade


Okay i jinxed myself and spoke to soon. Todays proverb….

Never count your chickens before they hatch.

I’m still getting my hair done. Theres a big art show Sat and i know a couple of people that have some pieces in them. One a GF i dont get to see much the other is some hot tattooed love boy i used to get naked with who actually is a pretty fucking talented painter with a solid rep. I think thats why i used to bone down with him because of his talent… oh and his obsession with my ass.

Feast or Famine

Being as Jan/Feb are very slow times of the year for the working girl. ( i blame holiday over spending!) I had hunkered down in my own little world of panic and cable TV then started to economise and get ready for the next bumpy couple months. Suddenly i became very popular! Maybe its a fluke or maybe it’s because I’m just that charming and sexy that even when you don’t have any extra cash for a tasty bite of Jenny you find a way. Either way I’m not going to look a gift horse in the mouth. I’m going to get my hair done, put on the tall shoes and show some guys the times of their lives. Don’t you wish you could make your rent in one evening of naughty fun..

Its funny this business can be feast or famine. You’re either so busy you cant get anything else done or your so NOT busy that you watch reality show marathons day in and day out. There is no in between. I guess its like any other freelance business when you get own to it and saving for the inevitable rainy day is a requirement. Especially when you don’t know how busy you will be from day to day. Its also seldom done. At least rarely by me. Not that I’m a spend thrift or anything but when i am in the flush i tend to be a little careless with my cash flow then regret that fancy new camera i bought.

Like i said I’m not going to complain… i want to be busy, im happy to be busy. More importantly I’m grateful to be a busy little beaver.


Whats my name?

I decided to do some fake name generators, don’t ask me why i got got a wild hair… here are some of the results of tonights big waste of time on the evil time sucker.. oh i mean the Internet.

1. My Mifia nickname is “Fancy Pants”
2. My Cowboy Nickname is Jenny “Bootingravy” Demilo
4. My Smurf name is “Talk to the Hand”

5. My Wu Tang name is “B-loved Commander”

I also seem to have a slogan…
The Jenny DeMilo effect.

I wonder what my hooker name would be … oh wait a second i already know the answer to that one.