Lady luck please let the dice stay hot

So tomorrow i head off for Vegas… again. I have big plans and plenty of naughty fun ahead of me. I’m halfway packed tonight and need to drop the pooch off at dog camp and be on the road by 10am to get there with enough time to refresh, relax and get dolled up for my first night in Vegas and my first fancy multi hour date-o-rama.

I wasn’t expecting to head back out to sin city so soon but i got an invite to a nice little cocktail shin dig put on by a few hobbyist pals of mine, in a fancy suite, at a great hotel/casino. Since i haven’t been able to make it to one of their legendary parties as of late because of scheduling conflicts i decided to head back out to Nevada to party and play .

Its also CES week and AEE/AVN weekend so the entire adult indrusty is in Vegas to whoop it up. I’m hoping to make out with at least one hot porn star, gamble a little and make a fist full of cash.

cross your fingers for me 😉

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