I’ve fallen and i cant get up!

I thought i needed a day at the spa. So i booked one. A 90 minute massage by Coco the burlesque loving masseuse. She was awesome, and apparently i am holding all my tension in my legs and my right thumb, who knew! I followed that with a salt glow body scrub in the wet room. Now if you’ve never experienced being naked on a table while a women rubs and scrubs every inch of you with exfoliating salts and then the pounded jets of water of 95 degrees or more, i highly suggest you do it. Its something else and you walk away with baby soft skin that’s amazing to the touch. I followed that up with a 55 dollar pedicure. yeah i usually pay 12 bucks but this was the cheapest one that had available. It included a paraffin wax dip. my feet were never so smooth and my red polish with flowers on the big toes impeccable.

it was all fine and dandy and i was feeling grand until i took a nose dive in the shower. Yep i slipped and fell in the shower like a spaz. it wasn’t really my fault it was extra slick and i guess they forgot to dry that one out. I hurt my lower back, slammed my head against the tile wall and screwed up my foot. I managed to only damage my new 55 buck pedicure a tiny bit. Man what a mess. I had to fill out an accident report, and i got dizzy and almost passed out.

I limped home with apologies from the spa manager, my sore back, foot and a bump on my head. well it wasn’t exactly how i wanted to end my day at the spa but hey sometimes life is grand and sometimes you just slip and fall in the shower.

Now i have to run off to the salon and get my hair did by my Russian ladies, they are the best they make my wavy hair straight as can be and dye it the perfect shade of black cherry. I hope i don’t slip and fall in the hair salon.. that would suck balls.

Jenny 🙂

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