I Love Meat

Had dinner last night with 3 hot chicks and one handsome man. the girls were all escorts (off the click of course) and smokin hot and the dude was the boyfriend of one of the girls. He was kind enough to pop for dinner and the food was wonderful. We ate at AJ’s steak house at the Hard Rock. I had this big hunk of bloody rare steak. The sexy little minx to my left had the amazing crab legs. It was off the hook. I have to say i do love meat! 😉

Then us four girls ran around the casino for a while looking for trouble but never really finding it. The hard rock on a Friday was like being in any trendy stupid bar in West Hollywood on a weekend and i stopped going out in weho on the weekends years ago. Lots of guys in shinny shirts and girls wearing dresses that made them look like Hoes. Its funny the real hoes (us) dressed down as to not be branded hoes in public off the clock. The civvies were all pretty Hoe-ish looking. go figure. I always have fun hanging out with other girls in the biz, they get me and i never feel like i have to put on an act and watch what i say as to not slip up and accidentally let the cat out of the bag about my clandestine profession.

One more party tonight then tomorrow i get to go home and snuggle with my pooch.

4 thoughts on “I Love Meat

  • Valley Girl

    I get you, Jenny!!! But that’s what Vegas is all about…I usu. wear things there that I’d never wear in San Jose.

  • Jenny DeMilo

    oh there were some ho-ish outfits at the hard rock. I made a friend promise to smack me if i ever looked that much like a HOE!

  • TheLasVegasCourtesan.com

    Glad you got to have a good time in this town… I just started reading your blog and first thought “ooh a fellow vegas girl!” but alas I read on and you just seem to visit a bit.
    I loved AJ’s when I went… a little loud for two people to go to but I love a good cut of meat.

  • Jenny DeMilo

    LVC: Oh im so glad you found me, ive been reading you for a while! No im not from Vegas but i get out there about once a month. I consider moving out there all the time then i freak out because im not good with change. go figure.

    I hope you come back often, i really do love your blog.



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