Don’t buy a single vote more than is necessary…

It looks as if its time for the Eighth annual Weblog Awards and they have begun their nomination process. I have a grand idea why don’t you VOTE FOR ME! i was thinking i fit well into “Best New Weblog, Weblogs that began during the year 2007.” cuz well i did just start this blog in November of 2007 but if you feel im more suited to “best craft blog” then so be it ..heh.

The rules are easy and you can only vote once and need a valid email address. I of course need the validation and flattery… cuz i’m needy like that. I’ve voted for all the blogs i read for whatever category they fit into (i may have stretched a little bit dammit i think Life Of A Valley Girl is fashion oriented!

You only have until 10:00 PM Eastern Standard Time (GMT-5) on Friday, January 11, 2008 to Nominate me! I’m not going to let this drop please expect me to be begging for your vote for the next few days. I can be quite persuasive when i want something .. trust me just give in early and vote. It will be easier on all of us 😀

so what are you waitin’ for Hurry, Hurry!!

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