There’s no place like home

Its been a busy week in escort land lots of real interesting happenings, much of which I will be talking about in the weeks/months to come. Other then that…. I just got back from my crazy week in Vegas. Here’s a few exciting highlight about my trip.

1. played the village people slot machine at the Red Rock. Lost 20 bucks
2. Ran into other escorts in two different hotel elevators
3. Only 3 hours to drive to sin city
4. Offered to take pictures of naked cows
5. Free drinks at Ceasers!
6. Won 70 bucks on nickel slots playing “I dream of Jeanie” (thank you master)
7. Toured the Bellagio for the first time

I always have a fun time in Sin City for fun and mostly for profit. This trip was no different. I had a great time but i’m happy to be home.

Viva Las Vegas!

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