The sweeter the juice!

I love black men. I love big black cock. I love the way my milky white skin looks against their dark chocolate skin. It’s hot.

I see black clients; I have no issues even though of the three times I was assaulted or robbed on the job two of them were by a black man. Even though every time I am approached and hollered at by a pimp, he’s a black man. I also see white guys, Asian guys and Hispanic guys… if you can pass my screening and meet my price and you don’t creep me out. We have a good time ahead of us.

Which brings me the point of this entry.

I don’t have to service every dick with a dollar. I’ve been observing an online lynch mob. A group of angry black men who are hammering girls who politely say “sorry I don’t see black gentlemen” there was a huge movement a while ago for girls to put their preference on their sites or on they web profiles as to not waste anyone’s time by turning someone away at the door. Several of them complied and got caught in the big trap.

Now they are labeled racists and being taken to the cyber stocks and being stoned by the angry black lynch mob. Many of these girls have tried to get out of the trap by explaining that they have past experiences which prevent them from being intimate with a man of color, some just say they are not attracted to black men and there fore wouldn’t be at their best, some of these women are even black themselves. The lynch mob doesn’t care about anyone’s rational or reason. These girls dig their holes deeper and deeper with every word that comes out of their mouth. The mob jumps on every word syllable or thought. They are a single-minded mob they want their dicks serviced and they don’t care about the girls doing the sucking and fucking.

The lynch mob is after them… they follow them around message boards pushing their agenda. Getting angrier at every post. They are mean, rude, angry, and they happen to be black. They call them whores, bitches, racists, and cunts. They speak with such venom that I’m sure they have turned even more women off to entertaining black clients.

I do understand where the anger comes from; it can’t be easy to be judged by the color of your skin. I know it’s not easy for me when I get judged because I own a pussy not a cock or because im a escort for a living. The irony that these men are so angry for being judged but in the same breathe they do to someone else exactly what they are so mad about being done to them. Whores are treated by them, as lesser beings and receptacles.

Their argument…. You’re a whore, you fuck for money, and you’re McDonalds you HAVE to serve anyone that puts the money of the table, just like McDonalds. To that I call bullshit

I wouldn’t fuck any of them with Aileen Wuornos pussy and I LOVE black men but I don’t have to service every dick with a dollar and I am not McDonalds.

I get to choose whom I get naked with. If you’re an asshole guess what? I’m not screwing you. If you’re creepy, guess what im not screwing you. If you say anything to put me off guess what im not screwing you. If you speak to me like you never attended a day of school and throw around the term “baby girl” too much, guess what im not screwing you.

My body my choice. I may be in a business but until I can reap the benefits of any other legit business, yanno like not going to jail for doing my job then I don’t have to abide by the state discrimination laws. Oh and to that I also say even McDonalds reserves the right to refuse service to anyone.

I feel sorry for these women who fell into the trap of trying to be upfront. Now they are persecuted. Do I feel sorry for the members of the black lynch mob for not being able to screw a few whores, nope I don’t because I’m thinking they got turned down not because of the color of their skin but because of their piss poor attitudes. That piss poor attitude shows though in everything they say and do.

They are not being discriminated for being black they are being discriminated against for being douche bags.

2 thoughts on “The sweeter the juice!

  • Valley Girl

    Wow. Really sensitive subject, and you’re brave to tackle it.

    I’ve only been with a half black guy (does that count?) and the experience was extremely positive. =) I wouldn’t be opposed to dating a black guy again.

    You can’t blame people for having preferences. We all do. But I guess for some minorities, blacks in particular, seeing someone exclude them from something dredges up a lot of strong feelings. I can’t pretend to know what its like to be a black person, but as a minority who has experienced racism, I can tell you its something that stays with you for your life, and changes you forever.

    With that said, I don’t think what that mobb you described is doing is right, either. They really need to find better race-related causes to fight other than being turned down by a prostitute, ya know? Their energy could be better directed towards affirmative action, civil rights, etc.

  • Jenny DeMilo

    you hit the nail on the head. Yes they should be investing their efforts in changing the system not chasing some hookers around a message board calling them names.

    is that a really good use of their efforts in changing peoples perceptions? what ive seen happen is MORE people not wanting to see them because they are acting angry and acting out. i dont know any working girls who thinking seeing angry guys are a good idea. this job is dangerous enough to add that risk.

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