I have been remiss

Its the holidays, traditionally a slow times for the working girl. Since many of my clients are married or involved guys and with Xmas on the horizon many people don’t have an extra 400-1000 to invest in a stellar piece of ass (like myself) business is slow. So i spend my days plotting new marketing strategies, playing with my epileptic pooch, reading bulletin boards and of course reading my favorite blogs.

There’s just not a lot of fucking and sucking for me to write about right now. I have been remiss in the naughty exploits i know, I guess i could dig up some old encounter from my past like they guy who wouldn’t stop saying my name over and over in one long run on sentence as he was fucking me.

Jenny, Jenny, Jenny, Jenny, Jenny, Jenny, Jenny, Jenny, Jenny, Jenny, Jenny, Jenny, Jenny, Jenny, Jenny, Jenny, Jenny, Jenny, Jenny, Jenny, Jenny, Jenny, Jenny, Jenny, Jenny, Jenny!

it was rather distracting, but he was a Brit so i just brushed it off as an across the pond mating ritual, this southern California girl just didn’t understand. Or maybe i could dreg up a good one from my personal life like the time i boned down with a couple hot, hung, Hollywood, up and coming, actor roommates for a night of “all about jenny!” who knew that i could handle that much cock .. oh wait i knew 😉

instead i spend my day prostrating all my Xmas shopping and i have very few people to buy for this year, family (which is small) and one sexy man i love. other then that my list is small. It’s like a weird forced holiday vacation when all i really wanna do is fill my days with work to avoid another very special Hallmark Family Christmas Special.

Oh well, it is what it is. The work comes when it comes and i new the job was dangerous when i took it. Its probably good for me to take a little time off (even if its forced) and just be a normal girl for a while and not a naughty plaything for the powerful and wealthy.

Okay off to brave the crowds and to spend all my money on frivolous and extravagant gifts for those lucky few i love with all my cold and bitter heart.


4 thoughts on “I have been remiss

  • Valley Girl

    Thanks for the link! Glad you are back!

    You are such a fascinating person. If I ever decide to do an interview post one day, I’d love to interview you, if you’d be willing.

  • Anonymous

    Wow…very entertaining and well written. This is my first time reading/visiting your site. I was bored and was looking for a good nationwide directory to see if there is any holiday spirit available. Thats how I stumbles upon this. Being a person who has at times enjoyed the company of a wommen at short notice, I felt that I’d like to add something (whether its worth it or not) a side that many may already know. Especially you. Men as a whole are easy targets…yes we’re willing targets. We know what we want and often have things in our mind laid out very simple. However, some of us don’t play the game correctly. We easliy get caught in the moment and are drawn in like the suckers we are. How do we say no to a hot sexy piece…we can’t. We tell our buddies we can…however truth be told…we give in more than stand our ground. I fell to the spell of a pretty young lady in Buffalo, NY. She has the game down pat. In my eye’s this young lady could do no wrong…until I got far enough away to where the intoxication of her act/beauty was wearing off. I have to laugh, because I knew this would happen before going into it head first. The funny thing is…I go back for more… guess if its that good…one is willing to stick their neck out everytime. After several regular visits…the fulfillment has peaked. It became redundant. I suppose everything gets old. Becoming a regular client has its drawbacks. Perfromance drops and things can become more personal if your careless. This is where I went wrong. Traveling for a living affords me the luxary to regain the clarity I lost while under the influence/spell of my pretty/sexy provider. The only way to remedy this is to either stay away (which never happens) or find a couple alternates. The added distraction of a back up can have a sobering/leveling effect. Why would I or someone like me even fall for a provider is still a mystery. We know what we are getting into…yet we stay on course for being that sucker. I’m not bitter. I’m embarrased that I didn’t treat it for what it was. It got too personal..However it was fun while it lasted…in a chaotic way. I’m breaking away (or at least slowing it down…I play the game which I allow her to win. Maybe I can win next time. 🙂

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