10 Things i did on Xmas, By Jenny DeMilo

I’m a pretty low key holiday person. I dont make a big whoopdedoo over holidays, except for my birthday. Which i celebrate like its the last day on earth. (i can’t help it!) i do try to surround myself with friends and or family and try not travel to far from home. i usually end up in a bar of some kind, go figure.

10 things i did on xmas:

1. drank a mistle-to-tini
2. got felt up at a pirate bar
3. played rock band!
4. ate a bloody rare steak
5. made an ice cream cone for my sister
6. flashed my ex my cleavage
7. drank a joespher
8. told my dad he looked like Nick Noltes mug shot
9. smoked a cherry clove
10. smooched my pooch

yeah well not everyone roasts chestnuts by the fire in a fuzzy sweater!

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