Will you lick my armpit?

I’m sorry I don’t do that was how a responded, in my best little girl voice and my sweetest smile, trying not to give away the eww feeling that had just rushed over me.

I don’t think i’ve gotten that request before so maybe its not that I “don’t” lick arm pits, maybe I just didn’t want to lick this strangers hairy arm pit. I’m not sure.

During my 3 years working as an escort I don’t think i’ve ever come across this request before. Oh sure I get clothing requests all the time. If I can I always try to dress the part for the requested fantasy. As long as I don’t have to show up at the Ritz dressed as a pirate, peg leg, eye patch, parrot and all. Fortunately its usually just stockings and garters they are after or “dressing down” because they don’t want you walking to the door in Lucite 6 inch fuck me pumps and a skirt that barely covers your ass and put on a show for the neighbors. But will you like my armpit?… this was something new.

Is armpit licking some hot new fetish I am unaware of? Is it all the rage with some underground pit licking subculture? Are there huge armpit licking parties where people eagerly lick away? Is it the new safe sex? I used to think nothing could throw me for a loop after my 3 years of working as an escort, I thought I had seen it all but I was sadly mistaken on Saturday morning in a hip downtown hotel when the request was made…

Will you lick my armpit? Nope not today

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  • BigMaN

    Hey, Jenny. It’s BigMaN from MySpace. This is a cool insight into the life of the original Hollywood party girl. It was good reading. I look forward to more. Until then, stay hot and sexy.

    Peace and Muchos Besos,
    BigMaN (aka Marcus)

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