I Fuck For Money

I Fuck For Money… but that doesn’t make me less of a person.

I’m really getting tired of the self righteous attitudes of those that see/interact with providers. The men/clients/keyboard warriors that think because “i fuck for money” that its okay to treat me like less of a person.

I don’t have feelings… how could i, i fuck for money
I have no family or friends who love me… how could i, i fuck for money.
I don’t have dreams, hopes, desires… how could i, i fuck for money.

women who who fuck for money are not real. You can treat us however you want and no one will know its really YOU who’s doing it.

You can seek your revenge on the high school girl who snubbed you, the checker at the market who wouldn’t date you, the college girlfriend who fucked your best friend, the wife who despises you. all you need is a screen name and finally you can feel powerful, if only for a brief moment while your typing hunched over in the dark while your wife and 2 kids are asleep.

I have a big mouth. i speak my mind. i never mince words. I’m not very diplomatic… i just never have been. I was the 7 year old that stood up in a friends church and called bullshit when they tried to tell me that “all women were sinners” so now that I’m grown and have somehow ended up being a provider (a damn good one BTW) I need to change who i am to placate the same small minds and backward attitudes I’ve been battling all my life?

If i wanted to have to be diplomatic in my dealings with small minds i would have stayed in advertising with the rest of the corporate whores.

Yet i get labeled a trouble maker when i, point out the obvious, fight back or god forbid, speak my mind. I’m not a troublemaker, I’M A FUCKING MALCONTENT.

My name is Jenny DeMilo and i am a message board hooker


One thought on “I Fuck For Money

  • msSmunro

    Good on you! Feel free to shout that one as loudly from the roof tops as you’re so inspired :).

    I love that line “I fuck for money”. Has always had a nice ring to it. Being a sex worker is akin to perpetual roller coaster. Alongside the guys who’ll treat you like dirt are those who will treat you like a queen. Fortunately for me the latter far outweighs the “dirt”. I would imagine you can say the same.

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