To Tweet or not to Tweet, there’s a question?

All the best birds are there

It comes up often on the hooker message boards and it did again the other day. Someone posted a “Hey is anyone else on The Twitter” kinda post, in hopes of finding like minded folks to connect with and just as predictably some one chimed in with  the typical “Twitter is bad for the escort community” and the simple request for like minded peeps jump the rails into a heated discussion about the pros and cons of hookers Tweeting.

The general con thought is that Tweeting is indiscreet and that law enforcement can read your stream. Both have merit until you delve a little deeper.

By the hour of course!

Discretion, well that can mean a lot of things. Escorts often have to walk a line between being “discreet” and self promotion. We have websites that advertise our business. I supposed having a site announcing I’m an escort to some might be indiscreet but i have a business and i need to hang a shingle to make money. So in an effort to be discreet, i don’t put on my site that of you pay me 600 bucks I’ll fuck you silly. My website is “fuck you silly implied” So its about how you use the tools at your disposal. Twitter is one of the top 10 most visited websites out there, that’s a lot of potential for connecting with potential business. Major corporations have embraced twitter, reputation management companies regularly scan hash-tags to keep an eye on there customers thoughts of their business. So why shouldn’t you harness the potential like everyone else? You’d be crazy not to at least try.

Now thats how to take a mug shot!

Now the Law Enforcement issue can be scary to some. “OMG the popo can read your tweeting!” yeah true they can. They can also read the 100’s reviews you have where men said they put their dick in your ass, mouth, pussy for money. They can also read that post you put on that hooker message board or review board advertising you fuck men for money, or your paid ad on a mall site where you put your rates for your by the hour service. They sure can read it, but they have to catch you breaking the law to arrest you. So either don’t break the law or screen your clients so the  chance that you book a session with a cop is much lower. Twitter isn’t going to infringe on your ability to screen your clients.

Now pros of Twitter are many. More hits to your site if you link it, you can really get your name out there to a lot of people you wouldn’t normally, you can raise your profile and hopefully raise your business. You can help to polish your “persona” do you advertise yourself as a sex crazed nympho? Or a sophisticated educated courtesan? Either way you can help to solidify that image, shape and mold how you want people to perceive you.

Just a harmless social netowrking group

But the best reason for escorts to get on and use Twitter is to connect with other sex workers. True there are ladies boards, big ad small regional and national and its wise to be a part of at least some of them to help you stay safe but what they all have in common is there’s always some bitch being a asshole. You cant filter her and her dumb-ass out because those board are for EVERYONE and many have no drama policies.  With Twitter you build you own network, you follow ladies you like, you respect you want to interact with. You don’t follow someone who gets in your last nerve with their negativity and bullshit.

It’s no secret among women in this business that it can be very isolating. You lie to your friends and family about what you do. There is often no one to bounce ideas off with, or even just to vent about having a bad day to. You want to connect with other women who understand your very specific job and as a result you can (and i have) make BAD friendship choices because you get desperate to connect. Twitters a good way to avoid that, you can build your own network of friends specific to the sex business.

Now you might want to avoid tweeting about specific clients. Being a high profile hooker and Tweeter i have been accused of “twittering about my clients” However i don’t and i never have. I might tweet about guys i FUCK, cuz that’s interesting! I might tweet I’m going to an outcall, or that i have a new incall day. I do tweet about my business and try to make my stream interesting to my followers to read (they they follow a hooker they wanna know what life ls like for one). I don’t however tweet about my clients. Why? cuz I’m discreet!  So you lying sacks of hobbyist shit who are running around back channel trying to imply i will tweet about clients, umm yeah keep promoting me, i need to buy a new car an your tongue wagging only raises my profile and brings me closer to that new car smell!

I had to walk uphil, BOTH ways!

So is twitter for you? maybe, maybe not. But to dismiss it out of had is foolish and reeks of being reactionary. The technology age is moving forward at break neck speed, you don’t want to get left behind?  You don’t  wanna be left standing there shaking your fist screaming “get off my lawn” and “back n my day…” do ya?