The outing epidemic

phone sex, sex work
[caption id="attachment_932" align="alignleft" width="259" caption="How can i get you off..."][/caption] It happened again a sex worker preemptively outed herself. This time it was the twitter sensation "TeleEroticist" a phone sex operator who with a popular twitter feed where she was both witty and interesting detailing her work as a PSO. Some dude who knew her in her real life decided he was going to out her and  he took steps. She outed herself as a preemptive strike.  Bell De Jour the blogger turned novelist, turned subject of a Showtime TV series about hooking was finally forced to out herself when an ex decided he was going to out her. It sucks, this is just the latest example. It's an epidemic. I don't know a escort that hasn't at least been…
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