Excuses, Excuses

Really, Stop it.

You don’t get to use me as an excuse for your own bad behavior. If you are grown up enough to pay for the companionship of a lovely young lady, then you are grown up enough to take responsibility for jerking that same lovely lady around all on your own.

It was brought to my attention that a girl I am friendly with was told by a client of hers (not mine but hers) that he proclaimed to her and he felt she didn’t want to see him (even though she came into town just for the occasion) because I had a snippy exchange with him a while back.

nanny nanny boo boo

Business is business and bullshit is bullshit and that is bullshit personified. I don’t know an escort alive who is going to blow off a current client of hers because a girlfriend had a slight impasse with him. What is this 8th grade? I don’t pass notes to other escorts saying “Johnny was a big fat meanie to me at recess, don’t be nice to him”

Newsflash: This isn’t grade school and I don’t spend my time informing all my girlfriends when some ass-hat jerks me around. We are all too busy to get caught up in sewing circle details of hobbyist bullshit. I felt my chain was yanked, I responded with how a felt about that, I received a mea culpa, which I promptly ignored. Why waste my time on infinite back and forth with someone who I felt had already yanked my chain and wasted my time enough. Not my style. But for a hobbyist to use me as an excuse, is not cool. This hobbyist acted exactly  how he wanted to and because he didn’t want to lose the favor of the fair young lass he fucked with (ya never know someday he might want to see her again, or his dick would) and when he found himself in her presence he back-peddled and made lame ass excuses using me in the process. Bad move. Sack up Nancy!

BTW its customary for a “hobbyist” to PAY me if he’s going to use me. Umm… so shall I sit here and wait for a check? Yeah I wont hold my breath.

I can hold my breath for a long, long time