The city that never sleeps…

So I’m heading east again. Washington DC and then my first escort adventure to wonderful New York City. Its true that i have spent time in Manhattan, much time actually. I considered moving there once back in my advertising days but ultimately decided i couldn’t leave sunny and beautiful California. Its a city with a lot of energy and i shouldn’t have waited this long to make my return.

I’m excited about returning to DC its a city filled with happy people these days, everyone seems to be in a good mood and that is a very good thing for a girl like me. Making happy people happier is easier then making cranky grumps happy. I will then work my ass off (literally) to make as many DC men as happy as i can. I’m nervous about NYC, I’ve never worked there, there are tons of girls i that city peddling here wares and i think there’s a chance i could get lost int he shuffle. It costs me money everyday to be on tour, i have hotel expenses and back at home i have specialized dog care for my special needs pooch. so i have pretty lofty goals for myself, work wise. It will be interesting to see how it all works out.

I’m also hoping to shoot a few ladies while i am there as i never travel without my camera. Look out DC nd NYC im on my way….