Jenny News Round-Up

I can finally relax and breathe and start to hunker down and concentrate on making cash by men happy, one at a time. Just in time for the holidays and the winter slow down and I’m roaring to go.. isn’t that always the way?

My Annul Toys4Tots meet and greet and holiday toy drive is behind me – (thanks everyone for coming and donating) This year my co-host was the lovely Audrey Trouble and it was held at a hip pirate bar in Downtown LA. I will be posting a picture like i did last year of all the toys we collected and the firemen i turn them into (provided they pose again this year) it was a success in that we collected many toys for needy kids and that’s always the point of it all now isn’t it.

My first photo layout for $pread Magazine is completed and turned in on time – I will have a photo in every issue for a while well until they get sick of me. I’m super thrilled with the results of this and look forward to working with them in the future. I’ll post the pictures here but not until after they are published and in print with $pread! I can tell you this they are super fashion and not at all would one would expect if they are used to seeing my glamour work. That’s right its called expanding my horizons.

I’m also in the middle of a site redesign for my escorting brochure website. Its been 2 years since the one i have went up and well my site isn’t that user friendly i have hired an excellent designer and soon there will be and all new look and feel to my goodtimejenny site. Its something I’ve wanted to do for a while and i finally bucked under. So keep your eyes open for that.

Thats all the news thats fit to print today…