For health and food, for love and friends

It’s that time of year, it really does go by fast. I blinked and it was Thanksgiving once again. I tend to keep it low key during the holidays, being as the holiday season and i havent gotten along in many years but this year i’m traveling to the heart of the city to have a Thanksgiving dinner im sure can’t be beat, prepared by my BFF, a hot little tamale with cooking in her soul and to be eaten along side good friends who never let me down and are always the height of entertainment.

Jenny’s annul list of things i am thankful for on Thanksgiving:

Dogs who have seizures and winning grins
A man who loves me for who i really am
Land-barons who only raise the rent once in 3 years, and then it was only 20 bucks
Miss Audrey Trouble who couldn’t be a better friend if i had made her up in my head.
8 year olds who make you listen to Hanna Montana on the phone
Getting through another year relatively unscathed
Good friends who don’t judge and have an ear to lend
Diet Coke and ice cream with M and Ms
Barack Hussein Obama
4 walls and a roof!

…And of course it wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without …..
Arlo’s: Alice’s Restaurant