All the lawyers in the house say.. HEY!

A blogger pal of mine is in a pickle. She is being sued by a former boss of hers for several MILLION dollars because she not so glowingly reviewed said ex boss on the innertubes. She now has to defend a defamation case and is at a loss for resources.

I like this girl, she’s sassy, smart and never mean spirited. She needs a lawyer and a good one.

This could be a very high publicity case based on some circumstances i don’t want to publicly blog about at this time, but if you are a NY state lawyer or you KNOW one who maybe wants to look into this and see if he can help my blogger friend defend herself against a malicious and frivolous multimillion dollar, possible high publicity case then PLEASE get in touch and i will forward you her info.

I hate to see the little guy get trampled by the big “sue for any reason” machine, i know there’s a lawyer with a heart out there…. somewhere.

email me at
and i will put you in touch if you think you can help.