It’s Party Time

I was the co-host for a big holiday party last night. This party was filled with hobbyists and providers and was also a toys4tots drive. That’s right it was for the CHLDREN damnit!

So I secured a hip Spanish restaurant on the east side of LA and my co-host the D-man went to work on the guest list. Considering it was raining cats and dogs we had a great turn out of horny hobbyists and hot providers.

The tapas were yummy and the white sangria flowed at least it flowed with me.

Even the sexy hot porn star CJ Bennett graced us with her presence. BTW she’s hot even soaking wet standing in the rain in her 5-inch platforms with mascara running down her face. yes it was that kinda party.

There was strange entertainment, a one-man band, a freaky Christian couple wearing a holiday sweaters who were singing “sweet child o’ mine” to a mock baby Jesus and a western honky tonk singer. Ahhh good times!

After was all said and done we only had two girls skip out in their tab (bad girls!) and we collected 6 giant trash bags full of toys for the tots. People were very generous and it seemed as if everyone had a good time meeting and greeting. I know I did.

As the night was winding down a group headed on over to cheetahs to watch alternative strippers with tattoos take it off and I went home to sleep it off, but not before getting pounded from behind by my hot and sexy date.

tomorrow i drop off all the toys at my local fire station. yay! firemen!

Merry Xmas!