Vote with your wallet

You hear it time and time again. You don’t like a providers why of handling her business..
vote with your wallet

You don’t like a providers price structure…
vote with your wallet

You don’t like a providers website…
vote with your wallet

You don’t like what a provider says in her blogs…
vote with your wallet.

Its great advice, providers are in this business to make money. Yeah you will hear the old “i just love to fuck” line thrown around and many of us do love to fuck but we are in this for the cash not the sex. the sex (when its good) is a bonus.

So you don’t like provider or how she handles her business, vote with your wallet. Do not patronise her, do not pass go do not collect 200 dollars. It’s as simple as that. if your way of thinking is the majority you will soon see that provider fade away or change how she does things because her business is falling off.

Don’t dog her on the review boards at every turn and make an ass out of yourself, don’t rant and rave and scream and yell. Simply vote with your wallet. Its easy to do and effective. Promote the providers you do enjoy, the ones who handle their business how you like or think they should.

Oh wait the ones screaming and yelling and ranting and raving like lunatics, the ones who feel so powerless in their own lives that they have to chase around providers on review boards and be snide and nasty to feel like a man with power, they NEVER vote with their wallets…why?

Because there is nothing in them to vote with, being an asshole is all those guys have.

Maybe those “hobbyists” (and i use that term loosely) need to start scrap booking that hobby is very affordable