Jenny DeMilo

Bite it

Bite it, originally uploaded by Jenny Demilo.

While in Boston in a snow storm, in a downtown hotel, wearing my lingerie, i decided to play around with my new wireless remote. This is the result.

doesn’t it just make you wanna take a bite? of the apple that is!

7 thoughts on “Bite it

  1. Thomas Hauptmann

    I love how the color balance came out; did you do any editing on it, and if not, how did you get the apple to pop out so much while leaving the rest so washed?

  2. Jenny DeMilo

    Killamcgillah: uh huh … apples are mine!

    Zoey: nope not this time, there is still hope

    Sabina: yay! thats the point!

    Thomas: i did some minor color correction, mainly just added some blue then burned out a little of the white but over all it was just the light in the room. snow storm outside made it very reflective and defused 🙂

    Sakura: thank you!