Jenny DeMilo


“A photograph is a secret about a secret. The more it tells you the less you know.”

I’m a published and collected photographer. I shoot whatever pleases me or has a paycheck in it. You either have to have money or be interesting or i get bored.

To see my work, or to book a shoot go to Dulce De Ojo dot com

Red – Shot 4/2012

7 thoughts on “Photography

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  2. Jefe

    How do you work w/models who need images that are EXTRA complimentary? Maybe older, less attractive… I have photographed a fair share of escorts, many who are VERY happy with the results, but when working with some “less-nubile” subjects, that want lower resolution, less detail, my subjects aren’t as happy with the results.

  3. jennydemilo Post author

    Mike: Thanks, i love that pic of her too.

    Jefe: its simple, lighting and composition. Ive never worked with a model who wanted lower resolution, thats silly. Just find a way to highlight their best assets. That the photags job. Nubile? doesn’t even come into play.

  4. rudy

    Dear Jenny ,

    I just got home from hospital your web site and wild thing video made me smile.

    You and your friends are all very sexxxy ladies.

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